Advanced Economic Solutions

Advanced Economic Solutions is an independent consulting firm that specializes in assisting food companies with supply chain risk management and other economic and commodity issues.

AES is dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality economic and commodity analysis. Our commitment to thorough research and analytical expertise ensures that clients receive comprehensive, accurate, and timely advice to adequately address their business challenges.

Contact AES today to learn more about how we can provide your company with access to an extremely broad historical database, and the opportunity to tap into experience from participation in virtually every aspect of the food chain.

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U.S. Wheat Crop to Be Smallest Since 1913, USDA Report May Show
Jan 12, 2017
2017-01-11  By Jeff Wilson and Megan Durisin Bloomberg) -- Booming grain inventories and a dwindling winter wheat crop -- there will be plenty to look for when the U.S. Department of Agriculture releases a... Read more

U.S. Exports to China Key to Soybean Performance
Dec 2, 2016
KANSAS CITY — The key to understanding both the pressures and opportunities in the U.S. soybean market in the months ahead can almost be boiled down to a single word:  China. China is... Read more

One More Reason to Give Thanks: Falling Turkey Prices
Nov 23, 2016
Here’s another excuse to pig out this Thanksgiving: turkey prices are down. After suffering from an outbreak of bird flu in 2015, American turkey producers have come back in a big way. Low... Read more