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Advanced Economic Solutions is an independent consulting firm that specializes in assisting food companies with supply chain risk management and other economic and commodity issues.

AES is dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality economic and commodity analysis. Our commitment to thorough research and analytical expertise ensures that clients receive comprehensive, accurate, and timely advice to adequately address their business challenges.

Contact AES today to learn more about how we can provide your company with access to an extremely broad historical database, and the opportunity to tap into experience from participation in virtually every aspect of the food chain.

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Forget Gluten-Free: In Wheat Market, Protein Is at a Premium
Jun 8, 2017
Food aficionados may be scrambling for ingredients that are gluten free, but in the wheat market, traders can’t get enough of the stuff. Gluten is the element that gives dough its strength and... Read more

U.S. will Soon Export Beef to China – a Market Estimated to be Worth over $2 Billion – and 'Nebraska has Much to Gain'
Jun 8, 2017
By Barbara Soderlin / World-Herald staff writer; May 14, 2017 Updated Jun 4, 2017 Nebraska’s beef industry is celebrating a long-sought win with news that China has set a July deadline for resuming imports of U.S.... Read more

Omaha-based Gavilon still faces an oversupply of grain from record 2016 harvest
May 30, 2017
By Russell Hubbard World-Herald staff writer, May 28, 2017 Updated May 29, 2017 The grain-trading business that is central to Nebraska’s economy is still facing an oversupply from last year’s abundant harvest, but financial results... Read more