Advanced Economic Solutions

Advanced Economic Solutions is an independent consulting firm that specializes in assisting food companies with supply chain risk management and other economic and commodity issues.

AES is dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality economic and commodity analysis. Our commitment to thorough research and analytical expertise ensures that clients receive comprehensive, accurate, and timely advice to adequately address their business challenges.

Contact AES today to learn more about how we can provide your company with access to an extremely broad historical database, and the opportunity to tap into experience from participation in virtually every aspect of the food chain.


China Standstill Causing AG Economic Fallout
Aug 6, 2019
Negotiators urged to return to table to find a deal to restore prosperity for U.S. agriculture. Jacqui Fatka | Aug 06, 2019 Relations with China were bad in 2018 and could get even worse... Read more

By Raising Productivity, Agtech Boosts Value Of Farmland
Jan 4, 2019
By Donald Marvin, Jan 4, 2019 Against the backdrop of the partial shutdown of the federal government, U.S. farmers and ranchers are no doubt looking for a happier new year in 2019. The burgeoning... Read more

Trump Administration to Loosen Rules on Sales of Fuel Ethanol
Oct 9, 2018
Move on blends could boost demand for corn amid oversupply in grain markets Gregory Meyer in New York, 10-9-18, The Financial Times   The Trump administration intends to loosen rules inhibiting domestic sales... Read more